boosting practice efficiency with artificial intelligence

Boosting dental performance and  patient experience

+24%, in average, of patient treatment plan adherence

+47% of preventive treatments accepted & done.

+30% on the amount of the average accepted quote.

Made by dentists, for dentists.

Patient understanding and oral-health education are the key to patient's adherence to treatment. But,dental x-rays are difficult for patients to understand which is normal, we can't expect our patients to know what we have spent years learning.

They love Allisone

"On my first use of Allisone, my patiently instantly accepted the need for treatment of 4 big periapical lesions, teeth extraction and 4 implants. I was impressed by the power of instant visualization "  

Medical Director

Dental Clinics - Europe

“ I am amazed by Allisone in the precision of drawinf the periodonal line but also in the vizualisation of the elements for the patient "



"Allisone is a real asset in the overall medical check-up, and our practitioners who use the solution tell us that it greatly boosts patient acceptance. "

Medical Director

80+ Clinics

I personally use the Allisone platform every day in my dental practice.I'm really pleased because it's so easy to use, the design is simple, precise and free of unnecessary information. Patients are happy, because during the consultation I can show and explain the treatment plan on the panoramic radiograph, and even show them photos (crowns, implants, onlays, prostheses etc.).


Dental clinic

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